Saturday, April 26, 2008

How permanent?

Well. We had a hail storm last night followed by quite a bit of rain. My garden is in critical condition.

Jason is away for work and I probably won't see him for a few weeks. Today he is looking for a place to park his trailer and he stopped by an apartment building. He really liked it and said he would be sharing it with his best friend if they decided to do that. This really bothered me. I am not too sure why other than it seemed so permanent. He did say this job will be longer than first thought. It just started and so it will be around a year. He also commented on us moving there which is fine other than in the coming months I will be needing my family and friends help and moving up there will not be conducive to that. I worry if our relationship can withstand this separation. It has before, I know, but this time it is a little different. Or at least it feels different.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Wow...last post was a little intense. Let me clear a little up. I do love my Mother and through the years I have given her the benefit of the doubt. I also know that I will and probably have made some parental mistakes of my own. But the big thing here is evolution. Not that I am a better person than my Mother, I'm not, I want to learn from my Mother's mistakes and I also would like my Mother to learn from hers. BUT she refuses to see that she has made any. I know I can't change that and it is not my job to but my struggle is accepting that.

I have been reading A New Earth by Tolle and I have learned a lot from it. I have mostly learned that I have a lot to learn!! Hehe. That sounds a little redundant. It makes a lot of sense when it comes to my interactions with others and why I react/act the way I do. I highly recommend it. There is a protest against this book saying that it is anti-christian but I disagree. Christians are feeling threatened because it teaches you to look beyond 'Religion'. That if we define ourselves through solely through a religion we miss what God is truly trying to teach us.

Anyway, there is some signs of life in my Garden..very exciting. Although my husbands sprinkler sabotage might have washed some of my seeds to the side.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Black Thumb

Today when I brought my son to school I saw that I finally had roses on my rose bush!! I was so excited. Now some people might wonder see, I have very bad luck with growing things. I have attention deficit disorder and tend to forget to do things such as water them, tend to them, remember that I have them. Not to mention there have been mishaps like my husband over fertilizing the garden we tried a few years ago and then forgetting to turn off the sprinkler and drowning the last remaining survivors.

So this year, well last week, we started another garden. Jason did a lot of work tilling up the dirt and putting up a hot wire fence around it so that the goats and our pony don't get at it. I hope it works since he has already left the sprinkler going on it for an entire day last Saturday.

Wait!! Who can't grow things?? hehe. I have been sabotaged! Just kidding.

Another example of my black thumb; I killed a bamboo plant. Yes, you know those plants where they just sit in water, so you just need to keep WATER in the bowl?? DEAD. I have killed a cactus or should I say cacti?

Needless to say I REALLY want to succeed. It could be because of the fact that a brand new PLANT NURSERY has moved in across the Highway from us and it looks so pretty!

ANYWAY....wish me luck.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Today...was just another day, really. More laundry for me to do and although I know there was 24 hours in this day I can't say I got much done. Jason and I went to lunch with my Best friend and another friend of ours. It was nice to sit and talk...even if the waitress did suck. The girls, Lorelei and Anna (5weeks apart) ate their share of chips, queso, rice and beans. It was a beautiful day around 75 deg Fahrenheit and not a cloud in the sky. I am currently suffering from a sunburn that I acquired yesterday when I sat by Lorelei's pool and watched her play. So not only is my big prego belly it's normal uncomfortable but it hurts too...yes, I had a sports bra on...SPORTING the belly!!

So how is that for rambling??

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trying to be a better person

With all of the talk today of 'going green' and the influx of cancer or diseases of the like I am trying to become more responsible. I bought the reusable bags from Kroger's to put my groceries in but so far I have forgotten to bring them when I go shopping 4 out of 6 trips. I am trying to use 'all natural' or 'organic' products more but being on a tight budget it is sometimes hard to justify the extra cost.

Now don't get me wrong, as of yet I am not completely sold on this 'Global Warming' hype. Not that I don't believe that the world is getting warmer but just that I have questions as to whether it is a natural process or our doing. I mean there was an ice age at one time and we have been getting warmer ever since so.....whose fault is that?? Do I think we are using up too much of our natural resources? Definitely. Can we be more earth conscience? Absolutely. Are the ice caps melting solely because of us? I just don't think so.

In our City we just recently (meaning couple of months ago) just started a recycling pick up. Great, finally, and to my surprise I see a lot of those blue bags out on the pick up days.

So, I am working on it. I think that is a start but I hope that I don't become a lunatic about it. Or should I?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cody's School Programme

Well my son, Cody, was in his school programme and I am soooo proud!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What am I doing?

I sit here typing like I have nothing else to do. I should be taking advantage of Lorelei being asleep and cleaning but nope....wasting time.

I decided I needed an outlet, maybe there were other Moms/girls etc.. out there looking for meaning or purpose. My blog title? Why not Just an Ordinary Mom?? Well, because I still feel like just a girl. I am a Mom and love it but I don't want to define myself as that. I don't work outside the home anymore, long story which I am not ready to discuss, but I am also finding it hard to do any work IN the house. THAT'S RIGHT, my home is a MESS! And I can't seem to find the motivation to clean it.

I hope that I keep this writing up, I think I have something to say, share or Whatever.