Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Ball Game

Today was Cody's last ball game....and they lost.... 10 - 0. Yep that is the kind of loss that just pours salt in the wounds. My poor little ball player was moping. For one thing he has be in the outfield all season. He is a good player, and I am not just being a Mom. I don't see why or how any of the other kids were any better at infield than Cody would be. I guess that is what he gets for me not being a Coach.

Oh and to add...we broke the temperature record for May.....95 degrees. Try chasing a 1 1/2 year old at a ball field in that weather!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another trip to New Braunfels

Wow am I why am I writing?? Well because if I don't do it now it may be a week before I post again.

This last weekend I rode up with my Mother-in-law Tina, and Lorelei to see Jason. The place that he has been staying at is so neat but unfortunately they can't afford the summer rates. So he will be moving to a trailer park in town.

I mostly ran around town with Tina, protesting her appraisal and getting the CORRECT plat of their property in Canyon Lake (totally long drawn out fiasco that I won't get into). Then running around Comal County with Tina, Jason and Lorelei to get measurements on their property.....that we didn't get. ANYWAY, it was nice to see my husband even if I didn't get to communicate with him much. And Lorelei was stuck to Daddy at all times.

The 2.5 hour trip home.......oh wait it was 3.25 hours because some people believe going through Wharton and west Columbia is ALWAYS quicker....was interesting. Let's just say I really only travel well with a select few people...I truly put the blame on me...I shouldn't be so temperamental. It is not a poor reflection on my company. HEY, I am pregnant!! I was told I should use that excuse as much as possible...this is suiting.

The 'Dog run' between the two living/bedroom areas...and Lorelei admiring the water fountain

The entrance to the house

The Entrance, inside.....and Lorelei admiring the rocks

the side of the house....the rock wall is the wall surrounding the shower/bath for the additional apartment.

the outside shower and bath

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's official...

I am depressed. I don't even have the urge to read....I love reading.....
I hope this is over soon.