Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey Stranger

Shame on me....it has been awhile. Updates?? Well, I am STILL pregnant, STILL depressed but now at least part of my family is back from their travels. No, not Jason but Mom and Aaron have returned safely and intact from their Vancouver Island trip. INTACT?? you say...yes, I was worried. My Mother, brother and his girlfriend, Korinia, took a trip to Campbell River, BC. I talked them into just flying to Seattle and renting a car to go the rest of the way because it would save them about $350 per person. But as the time neared the 'road trip' idea was starting to worry me. My Mother is not the best at travelling and tends to 'flip out' and my brother is not the most tactful and handling her 'flip outs'....hehe. But I am happy to report that I didn't see any noticeable damage upon their return. Thank God for TomTom.

Jason is now in Omaha, Nebraska working for the same company. He is supposed to fly back home this weekend on the District Attorney's dime because he is a witness for an old case he handled when he was with the police department. I just hope that works out.

I went to the Doctor yesterday and although she had said that she would schedule me for induction on the 14th she has retracted her statement. She wants to see how 'things go'. That statement was followed up with the comment that she really didn't want me to go much longer because she is sure little Jae is already 8 lbs. This whole waiting to see how 'things go' crap is really weighing on me....haha, no pun intended. I truly believe that if left to my bodies own time table I would have 10 lbs babies. Both Cody and Lorelei were induced so the thought that my body can actually GO INTO LABOR is questionable. I know, I know, women have been doing this from the start of creation and the body DOES know what to do......but things have been going WRONG with labor since the start of creation.

Take into consideration that this is coming from a cranky pregnant woman, just venting. OH and the best part was the comment from the doctor (in front of a pretty cute intern) that I should have LOTS of SEX this week!! HA....1) Husband gone 2)Awkward, non sexy pregnant woman 3) Even if/when the husband does come home.....he's not sure about ALL THAT. AND you just made the cute intern blush.