Thursday, June 19, 2008

Afternoon trip to Surfside Beach

After most of the day sitting in the house I decided it was time for an outing. So I packed up Lorelei and we headed down to the beach. Being that it is only 20 minutes away I don't know why we don't go more often. She absolutely loved it and had a blast. This little one has no fear what so ever!

I remember the first time I took Cody to the beach. My friend Jill had come down to visit and we decided to go to the water. Cody was about 2 years old and hadn't been to the gulf. He enjoyed the sand but when the waves would come in he would run, run, run!! It was too cute.

I didn't bring my camera so I took a few shots with my phone. After I sent them to Jason and Cody I proceeded to drop my phone in the water........GREAT. It just became an expensive trip to the beach!!

I wish I had little Lorelei's fearlessness of the water because as she was rolling around I was steadily looking out for DANGER. You know the kind that comes in little crabs and those dangerous little fish.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Potty training??

For the last week or so every time I get Lorelei (20 months) out of bed she heads straight for her diapers and insists I change hers. Not that I wouldn't anyway but now she is adamant. Also, earlier as I was working on the computer she comes over with a clean diaper. Just as I was wondering, why?, I got a good whiff of her. Does this mean she is ready for potty training? Or does it mean she is just now getting bothered by the mess? I know there are some children/babies that cry when they are dirty but neither of my children has EVER been bothered by it, until now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ramblings of a genius

I know that I am good at something. No, I take that back, I know I am a GENIUS at SOMETHING! Now, I don't know what it is just yet. I once thought that I was a good drawer (is that correct English?), I also used to enjoy painting with my Grandma. But was I good?? I have a terrible characteristic that if I am not REALLY good at something right off the bat then I quit. I was pretty good at playing the piano, flute and piccolo...but was I great? Well, no because I was horrible at practice. But that tells me I could have been great because I did really well with NO practice. Shame on me. Why do I do this? Am I afraid that if I try really hard and fail I will be devastated? How dumb is that? So I am thinking that maybe I am good at writing. And then I read (daily) a blog by Heather Armstrong and feel I am not witty enough or all that interesting. But I am not really doing this for anyone but me. I shouldn't compare myself to anyone....good one.

My ex called me today and said he had taken Cody to the doctor about his eye and the cough he has had. Come to find out (something I already knew) Cody doesn't have reoccurring pink eye but a blocked tear duct. Something I had come to think was possible but after over $1,000 spent at the doctors since October (on poor Code man's eyes) I figured it was Butchy's turn. Apparently Cody was allergic to the antibiotics that the doctors were giving him and it blocked his draining duct.

Recently my long distance husband has been sending me various lude pictures/cartoons etc via phone which a friend of his keeps sending him. Makes me wonder what is on his mind.....makes me wonder why his friend (a guy) keeps sending him these Truly, why do guys find these things so interesting. For instance one is called 'Redneck birth control' and it is a picture of a girls 'privates' covered in duct tape. Personally, I am afraid for this poor girl, that is a place where duct tape should not go, in fact I see a lawsuit coming! Maybe for these poor folks that thought this would be funny Duct tape should come with a warning......"can be harmful to genitalia". However I might find humor in seeing a guys genitalia, testicles and projection, wrapped in this.......

That's IT!!! I am a to find a willing participant and some duct tape....