Saturday, September 5, 2009

Taking inspiration

After a few years of complaining of my extra wieght I have now decided that route was not working. My Cousin is my inspiration she is doing so well on her diet and I am inspired by her ability to change her life. I could either keep complaining or start actually doing something about it.
I started the Ultimate Fitness Training Camp on August 17th along with a change in my diet. No more fast foods, less processed foods, one cheat day (meal) a week. It really isnt as much a diet as it is a change of life. I have found that I no longer WANT McDonalds etc. I have made changes such as Steel Cut Oats instead of Oatmeal. Wild/brown/long grain rice instead of white rice. The more I think about my food and the food I feed my family the more I realize how horribly I was feeding them before.
Now you ask, how much have I lost? But I feel better, if that counts. I can see a difference in my legs and arms, more muscle. I am hoping it is just slow coming but if not I will have to alter my diet a bit more. The UFTC is 3 times a week maybe I should go to the gym in between sessions. I don't know, we will see!