Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, new year.

New Years Resolutions.....nah. No need. Well, not that I don't need to change anything or that things could get better (because they TOTALLY could) but because I believe that I can make resolutions anytime of the year. I mean, how is January 1st any different from January 20th? In 365 days it will still be a year later. So tomorrow could be my New Year. Yes....I like that.

My weight loss has come to a halt since before the Holidays. I would love to say that I am still doing the Fitness Program but at $189 a month I just can't swing it. Especially since Jason got laid off the Friday before last and there doesn't seem to be any job coming tomorrow. Whine, whine, whine....I'm really not. Considering all the things that I could be bummed out about I have been very at peace with it all. Very strange. I should be stressed out completely wondering where the money is going to come from or how we are going to pay the next bill but I'm not.
I really like what I saw on my Friends blog; she wrote all the new/big things that have happened in the last year to her and those she loves....I think I will do that for my past year....January 18, 2009 to January 19,

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