Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I have learned about cooking...

There are many little tidbits I have learned since I started cooking. I have always liked cooking and trying new recipes but learned early that it is best to cook in my Mother's kitchen when possible, because then she cleans.....
Anyway, probably the funniest situation happened when I was newly married, to my first husband, and trying out an enchilada recipe from my handy dandy Pilsbury Cookbook (if anyone has it I would love to get it, I lost that page years ago). One of the many ingredients it called for was 12 ounces of green chiles. Well, being a novice Tex-Mex cook I wasn't sure what to look for but thought certainly it would be by the pickled jalepanos...right? As a paroused the jalepano aisle I found what I thought I was looking for! They were green they were chiles (well, peppers) and Wala! The jar was 12 ounces exactly!! PERFECT!
Back at our apartment I started cooking the meal. The recipe called for me to chop up the 'green chiles' and add them to the pan 'with juice'. I opened the bottle that I purchase of cute little green peppers but found that getting the peppers out would be a little difficult since it had a shaker top on it and I had to pry off the top and get those suckers out!
I chopped them and added them to the pan at last and kept cooking my dish....
During this process I seemed to get a tickle in my throat and sneezed a few times....hmmm strange. I finished the cooking and baking and set the table. Needless to say I was quite proud of my dish! It looked wonderful and even smelled wonderful!
My husband and I sat down to have a wonderful Enchilada dish that smelled Delish!

We took our first bite and it was great!.......except a few miliseconds later our mouths starting burning!! Now I like hot stuff but this was CRAZY! We literally could not eat it, and neither could the dog....that HOT>
At that point my husband asked me what the HELL did you put in that? I showed him all the stuff and pulled the bottle that the chile's had been in out of the trash.
Tabasco Habenero Peppers.....the kind you just shake the juice on things for taste....like TWO DROPS is enough to burn you.
Come to find out if you go down the aisle with the Mexican products you will find a little can with these things called GREEN CHILIES (and they are not spicy at all).

Other things that I have learned:

  • There is also such an item called Chili Sauce, it is located with the ketchup (not the chili). And if you don't know this and use Wolf Brand Chili (with sauce) along with your meatballs....it just doesn't taste very good at all.

  • There is a HUGE difference in 1 teaspoon of Crushed Red Peppers and 1 tablespoon. Trust me.

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