Sunday, February 28, 2010

Because of Layla Grace

I am sitting up tonight....stressing over the birth of my little Carly's puppies...or so far puppy. Stressing because it has been 4 hours since she had her first pup and so far no more. But I have been stressing a lot lately, over Layla Grace. A precious little girl in Houston suffering with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. For over a month now I have been praying for the miraculous healing of this baby's body along with thousands of others. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that is God's plan. As I read her parent's Tweet's and follow their blog; I cry but mostly I get up and look at my children....really LOOK at them and listen to their noises. I have quit getting angry or irritated when they pull on me to get something or just to be held which is often the case. Because of little Layla Grace.
Her parents are now at home listening to their precious child's breathing, helpless, scared and yet praying for her peace. Watching her die and yet the world goes on, it seems cruel. But they seem so strong, clinging to every second that they have with her and letting the world in by updating their twitter page/blog/facebook. That is strength. That is love and that is what is going to let Layla live forever. I can imagine that her Sister's will look at their children differently because of their sister. I know I am seeing my life with my kids a lot different. Little Layla Grace has changed the lives of so many......
I still pray, pray for miracles, pray for her peace, pray for her families healing and pray that little Layla and her family knows how much they are loved by so many that have never met them.

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